What is mediation?

Mediation is a process that allows for parties engaged in a dispute to sit down with a trained third party neutral to work out their differences and to arrive at a Settlement.

Mediation is an efficient and cost effective approach to resolving disputes.

Mediation has been used for centuries to resolve differences between individuals, tribes, villages, labor unions, corporations, States, and countries.

Mediation is most valuable in family law matters where children and families are the subject of the dispute.

Why should the mediation process be used in family law matters?

In family law matters the parties of the dispute are often consumed by emotions, and anxiety. A divorce, or a contested custody case can be extremely stressful. The Mediation process allows for the parties to address highly emotional issues in a setting that is conducive to resolution.

Custody and family law matters should not be resolved in the courtroom. A Court ordered remedy yields a result that is imposed on the parties.

Lasting resolutions are best achieved when the parties to the dispute have their hand in the outcome. In custody disputes the parents are best equipped to resolve decisions that affect the lives of their children.